Fossil Free

Published on December 01, 2015 by The VPRO INTERNATIONAL on YouTube Watch the Documentary


Enthusiastic environmental change activists everywhere throughout the world might have another and altogether unforeseen partner in their cause: the financial sector. On the heels of the late environmental change talks in Paris, groups of concerned citizens have accumulated their assets to place pressure on well off organizations that put resources into the fossil fuel industry. The new narrative “Fossil Free” chronicles their central goal.

From The Netherlands to New York, their movement is starting to pick up force. Their aggregate endeavors are gone for different associations over the globe that put resources into gas, coal and oil organizations, including colleges, banks, governments and extensive scale venture firms. Their contention the cash you contribute serves as an impression of your own qualities. Calling upon their perspective of fossil fuel commercial enterprises as the real supporters to an unsustainable situation, these activists beseech divestment as a method for restoring confidence and notoriety with general society.

The film contains portraits of the individuals who are working determinedly to push this grassroots development. Many of them are youthful, and they see themselves as the last era that can really have any kind of effect in checking the environmental change pandemic. They're resolved to get a move on from a more established era that stays unconcerned to these problems that are begging to be addressed.

In Berlin, a young lady attempts to secure time with a top-positioning government authority to talk about the city's proceeded with interest in fossil fills. In New York, an inventive online stage called attempts to assemble and focus the development's endeavors on the worldwide stage. In Amsterdam, activists work to persuade one regarding the most critical speculation firms in the locale to expel these organizations from their portfolios.

Shockingly, a few investment firms have demonstrated responsive to the influences of the development, however their thinking frequently falls on monetary hazard as opposed to the moral contemplation's. From their point of view, the fossil fuel commercial enterprises are overrated resources, and progressively unstable recommendations for the potential speculator.

The environmental change movement is multi-faceted, and triumphs can be won on numerous sides on the off chance that we remain completely occupied with the issue. Fossil Free is an important examination of one such push to contain this developing emergency.

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