Surviving the Cold

Published on Mar 18, 2013 by the RT DOCUMENTARY on YouTube Watch the Documentary


Valery Malkov stood out as truly newsworthy when he dropped out of a train in Siberia in - 40 degrees Celsius wearing practically nothing, kept running for 30 minutes to the following station and survived.

The man said that he had gone to the train's vestibule for a smoke. As he was returning to his carriage, he missed his entryway and opened another to a non-working vestibule. He ventured into the dim – and afterward ended up in taiga timberland, on the railroad, in solitude.

We investigate how human body responds and adjusts to frosty and meet enthusiasts who subject themselves to great temperatures.

Frosty climate dramatically affects human health. By University of California, Berkeley financial specialist, deaths identified with icy diminish the average life expectancy of Americans by 10 years, if not more.

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  1. This is absolutely crazy. I won’t be able to survive this cold. I am amazed … just wow. ☺

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