The Skinny on Obesity

Published on October 23, 2013 by University of California Television (UCTV) on YouTube Watch the Documentary


What are the fundamental variables that add to the heftiness plague, and in what manner would we be able to end the tide of weight increase before it deplorably changes the normal life compass of the human species? Prestigious pediatric endocrinologist Dr. Robert Lustig, the author of the viral lecture Sugar: The Bitter Truth has spent the greater part of his professional career looking for these answers, and the narrative "The Skinny on Obesity" gives an eye-opening overview of his extensive endeavors in this field of study.

For Dr. Lustig and his partners, obesity is our cutting edge plague. "The reason we're in this plague can be summed up in one proclamation," Dr. Lustig fights. "That statement is a calorie is a calorie." In his perspective, mass-scale weight gain rises above this excessively oversimplified comparison. Rather, corpulence is all the more profoundly established in the social and ecological components that have attempted to rethink our presence in late decades. Our industrialized eating regimen is intended to give quick and modest nourishment on the go, and comprises of new fixings and chemicals made in exceptionally highly profitable food laboratories. These items flourish in the worldwide marketplace since they serve a society that prides comfort over healthy nourishment and stationary ways of life over physical movement.

Past every other thought, nonetheless, the one element that demonstrates most negative to our well being is sugar. The vicinity of these sugars is especially slippery in nourishment that promotes low calorie content, since they are frequently used to supplement an insufficiency of taste. In this way, the high volumes of sugar in by far most of prepared foods unarguably demonstrate that a calorie is certainly not only a calorie. "Sugar is 50 times more powerful than aggregate calories in clarifying diabetes rates around the world," Dr. Lustig clarifies. It is likewise the primary guilty party in the improvement of metabolic disorder, and the subsequent instances of Type 2 diabetes, heart and liver sickness, hypertension, dementia, and growth which go with it.

The Skinny on Obesity offers an entirely persuading contention on the perils of sugars, and reveals insight into the methods by which we can battle its noticeable risk to our prosperity. In the bigger sense, the obesity epidemic has come about because of a damaging movement in our way of life, and arrangements might just be met by reclassifying our relationship to the foods we eat.

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  1. Its unbelievable how these factors lead us to obesity and chronic diseases. I didn’t know how Leptin and Insulin can work in such a way that causes health issues. I have learnt so much from this documentary on how to keep myself healthy by controlling my calories, stress and modifying lifestyle. I would recommend this video to those who are sugar addictives. I am surprised to see how sugar can cause so many health problems.

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