Ghosts of Machu Picchu

Published on June 14, 2015 by The LEARNSTUFFNOW on YouTube. Watch the Documentary


The baffling inceptions of Machu Picchu and its occupants are investigated from new edges in this narrative. Situated on a lofty cliff in the Peruvian mountainside over the Urubamba River Valley, the antiquated Incan city remains covered in hypothesis. Relinquished more than 400 years prior, the community is included around 200 structures settled on about 700 porches. As the Inca did not have the advantage of wheels or steel tools to build Machu Picchu, which towers 8,000 feet above ocean level, it remains a designing wonder. The hows and whys of this virtually inaccessible location have kept on confusing social researchers, students of history, and archeologists. Through distinctive ethereal footage and detailed graphic representations, the film concentrates on four noteworthy subjects: the fleeting ascent and fall of the biggest indigenous empire in the Americas; the typical and social significance of Machu Picchu; the complex underground designing of the community; and the general population who manufactured, secured, and recuperated the tenants of the city. The fine male portrayal, interviews with specialists, exquisite photography, and well-done reenactments will draw in viewers.

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