Symbols of an Alien Sky

Published on December 4, 2012 by The THUNDERBOLTS PROJECT on YouTube. Watch the Documentary


As a current society, we stand in awe as we look upon the huge landmarks and strange societies of antiquated times. These civic establishments were tremendously not quite the same as our own; so diverse, actually, that our points of view on the world as it exists today frequently put a boundary to our understanding of antiquated convictions and traditions.

This narrative titled Symbols of an Alien Sky tries to amend this. With clear knowledge and edifying investigation, the film permits us to fully grasp and value the traditions of our old precursors through their perceptions and elucidations of divine occasions.

Divine exercises and planetary developments are the subjects of comprehensive research today, and can by and large be anticipated with incredible degrees of precision. However, old human advancements drew closer the canvas of our skies with extraordinary trepidation and adoration, frequently saturating its exercises with significant legendary meanings.

For them, the confused events of their times were composed and reflected in the skies. The developments of planets were once thought by our soonest cosmologists to speak to the vicinity of omniscient divine beings. These divine beings were the subject of much love and trembling miracle as proven by the functions, landmarks and ancient rarities of the time. Indeed, love for the divine beings overwhelmingly characterized each part of these antiquated societies.

While most cutting edge researchers by and large view these convictions as symptomatic of a guileless human advancement, Symbols of an Alien Sky represents a few interesting hypotheses which challenge this suspicion. For instance, the noticeable quality of different convictions, images and prime examples are strikingly basic over each antiquated society.

This shared characteristic is clear in hundreds of years old describes of the dragon, an unexplained legendary wonder whose presence was demanded by each society of old times. Could this animal, notwithstanding the other broadly acknowledged archetypes of the day, have truly existed in some structure?

Symbols of an Alien Sky open our psyches to the unbounded potential outcomes of our old world. This honorable excursion is dissimilar to whatever other, and could always adjust our view of the planet we once possessed and the one in which we exist today.

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