Polar Bears

Published on April 13, 2015 by The PLANETARY ADVOCATES on YouTube. Watch the Documentary


The Nature of Things displays the world debut of Polar Bears: A Summer Odyssey featuring a cute and inquisitive "adolescent" polar bear from Western Hudson Bay. It is polar bears as you have never seen them before. Shot more than twelve months, this blue-chip wildlife narrative recounts the story a youthful polar bear's epic relocation through the frigid waters of Hudson Bay and his consequent undertakings ashore, where he should spend the ice-free season. It is his first summer alone without his mom to guide and encourage him. His battle to survive is set against the greatest ecological story of our time: environmental change. When we consider polar bears we consider snow and ice, yet for thousands of years, the polar bears of Western Hudson Bay have spent their summers ashore. As the ice melt, they are compelled to relocate over several kilometers utilizing the stars. Their moms show them. It is a course that they will take after for whatever is left of their lives. As the ice-free season develops longer, so does the measure of time they should spend ashore. With next to zero sustenance, crowds of gnawing creepy crawlies, and serious pressure from different bears – it is deplorable!

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