Predator Bay

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There is a spot in Africa where two old predators meet - the shark and the crocodile. Generally completely different the two are compelled to share the waters of a comfortable cove and vie for the same prize. For large portions of the occupants this is a hazardous area. For a youthful crocodile life is especially testing. This is his story - a journey into predator bay.

It is a crocodile paradise and a youthful male crocodile devours the neighborhood abundance. Ravenous for the simple pickings he takes after the reefs of fish into new waters and accidentally starts a remarkable voyage. Numerous threats lie ahead. He wanders a long way from his origination and swims into a progression of peculiar environments, altogether different from where he was conceived. Phenomenal animals possess the conduits. Predators lurk all over the place.

He takes after the fish past the crocodile's domain entering the space of an unsafe opponent, another old seeker, a super-predator - the shark. The youthful male crocodile just measures 25 kilograms, and very nearly two meters in length he's still little and powerless. His future is dubious; truth be told he's fortunate to have made it that far.

His experience started five years prior upon the arrival of his introduction to the world. Right from the beginning this little crocodile emerged from the rest. He was the first of his klatch to bring forth; following 90 days cooped up in the limitations his egg he broke free, leaving his 50 or so kin behind.

When his 300 kilogram mother arrives he has already cleared of the sandy home. She promptly begins to accumulate her family in her monstrous jaws. Just a couple of minutes old the little crocodile is demonstrating his freedom. His mom assembles him up and for the time being his investigations are over. However his undertakings are just starting with a free ride to the water's edge.

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