Shark Attacks

Published on November 29, 2013 by The NAKED SCIENCE on YouTube. Watch the Documentary


We're regularly defied by reports of awful shark assaults, developing a long-held trepidation of a standout among the most tenacious species ever. In any case, to what degree is a shark really a risk to people? The Naked Science documentary series goes angling for answers in Shark Attacks. While complete conclusions remain to some degree tricky, viewers are dealt with to an intriguing overview of the dietary patterns and savage practices of these misconstrued animals of the deep.

"There are more than 400 living sorts of sharks on the planet," reports California Academy of Sciences ichthyologist John McCosker right on time in the film. "Thirty of those have been included in unjustifiable assaults on human beings. Really, just around 7% of assaults result in fatalities." The standard method of assault for sharks is to cripple prey once with a single bite, and afterward hold up until their casualty seeps out and passes on before expending them. But on uncommon events, this routine does not appear to apply to people. Sharks don't regularly view people as a wellspring of nourishment, and don't seem to have any enthusiasm for eating us.

The film investigates the three sorts of sharks who are most regularly connected with assaults on people: tiger sharks, bull sharks and, the most unmistakable and fearsome of all, the Great White.

One of the most famous examples of a shark assault included professional surfer Bethany Hamilton, whose story is highlighted in the narrative. She lost her left arm to a tiger shark in 2003, however her aggressor appeared to have minimal enthusiasm for coming back to her once this injury was exacted. As imparted in the film, tiger sharks are known as the rubbish transfer of the sea, as they will devour almost any item they interact with. This aimless encouraging craze might clarify what affected Hamilton's assault, however investigators can't be sure.

Why are occurrences of shark assaults on people expanding with each passing decade? Right now, analysts can just theorize as to the reasons. The no doubt clarification might be a basic matter of chances; more individuals are swimming in waters that are populated by the savage monsters. There is still much we need to find out about sharks, and their secrets are as unlimited and as profound as the seas that haven them.

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