United in Hate

Published on December 1, 2015 by The VICE NEWS on YouTube. Watch the Documentary


In March 2013, the Seleka, a coalition of dominatingly Muslim-outfitted gatherings from the northeast, walked on the Central African Republic's capital Bangui and seized power.

They conferred mass barbarities against the populace, and to the largely Christian populace in the southwest, Muslims started to be connected with violence. Christians rose up to shape a Christian self-preservation civilian army called the anti-balaka, and carried out vengeance killings.

Before the end of 2013, the Central African Republic had plummeted into civil war. Under pressure from the international community, the Seleka were compelled to surrender power and withdrew towards the northeast, where they regrouped.

A United Nations peacekeeping mission and a French military operation could stem the battling, yet regardless of their vicinity, the transitional government has not possessed the capacity to recover control of the nation outside Bangui.

With the counter balaka controlling the southwest, and the Seleka controlling the upper east, the Central African Republic is truly divided along ethno-religious lines. For the individuals who wind up on the wrong side of the gap, life has gotten to be damnation.

VICE News goes to Carnot, a mining town at the heart of the Central African Republic's precious stone area controlled by the anti-balaka, where 500 Muslims are stowing away in a church to stay alive. On the opposite side of the nation in Bambari, ex-Seleka radicals are threatening the Christian populace, with thousands compelled to look for asylum in a cotton production line taking after recharged battling.

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