10 Days in North Korea

Published on Nov 9, 2014 by The RT DOCUMENTARY CHANNEL on YouTube. Watch the Documentary


10 Days in North Korea takes the group of onlookers on a trek around Pyongyang, the point of convergence of force for the North Korean administration, to talk with subjects of what the movie producers consider an extremely fascinating "social investigation" that has been continuing for around seventy years.

The film commences by exhibiting the constancy of the Pyongyang workforce - interviews with an expert scientist and a couple assembly line laborers pass on an honest to goodness high feeling of "Excellent Marshal" Kim Jong-un and eagerness towards adding to the administration's aggregate profitability. The wording used to portray the administration's control over their everyday lives is they are being "ensured."

Consideration then swings to Jong-un and the administration's militaristic approach to rule, touching on the strict jail framework and a year ago generally promoted execution of Jong-un's uncle, Jang Song-thaek, and his whole family for injustice and a claimed endeavor to organize a military overthrow that would have deposed Jong-un.

In what is difficult to see by an outside as much else besides expert administration purposeful publicity, various memorable locales and yearly military store showings are set up to guarantee the North Korean subjects of the administration's assumed military ability. A yearly "triumph parade" is directed every year to observe The Democratic People's Republic of Korea military triumph over the United States and the reunification of North and South Korea.

Still entwined in name, the North and South Koreas have become separated from various perspectives under their gathered brought together state, with even the dialects talked starting to float separated. The producers showcase various families with individuals living on inverse sides of the outskirt that are picked by lottery and conceded three short days to meet relatives they have never been allowed to see.

In a supposed demilitarized zone on the North Korean side of the outskirt, we talk with Kim Chang Yun, a colonel in the Korean People's Army, around a five-meter high divider on the Korean side of the fringe that was finished in 1979. He asserts the divider is an image of endeavors by the United States and the South to forestall unification of the two sides. His perspectives reflect that of the shielded residents, one that acknowledges a false confident ideal world disabled by a controlling government enthusiastically misleading and abusing an individual’s that have been mentally conditioned from conception to not scrutinize that power.

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  1. Unbelievable facts about Korea….. Thanks for sharing it. I have explored the entire Korea through this documentary.

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