The Choice is Ours

Published on January 23, 2016 by The Venus Project on YouTube. Watch the Documentary


All through our history, mankind has set its sights on apparently outlandish objectives, and figured out how to understand those objectives against all hindrances. This sensational potential is on full show in the opening snippets of the new narrative The Choice is ours, as resigned NASA space traveler and expert cosmologist Jeff Hoffman vouches for the glories of space travel.

With unparalleled self control and resourcefulness, we made the instruments and advances to investigate what was once constrained to the manufactures of Hollywood myth producers. Be that as it may, even from climates past our own, the earthbound difficulties we have yet to overcome stay in full view. Having kept an eye on different space flights through the span of numerous years, this reality got to be obvious to Professor Hoffman as he looked upon the surfaces of our planet from his container. "There's a perspective of the effect that people have had on our planet, and that can be really alarming," he reflects.

The most problems that need to be addressed confronting mankind today - from environmental change to far reaching crime to budgetary cataclysm to the quickly exhausting normal assets of our planet - become the dominant focal point in The Choice is Ours, however they're drawn nearer from a refreshingly interesting viewpoint. This exquisitely delivered film elevates our ability to conjure positive change on the planet, and considers the behavioral and social movements which should occur to make this conceivable.

The Choice is Ours is a production of The Venus Project, an association dedicated to revealing inventive new ways to deal with critical thinking. The association's originator, 97-year old futurist Jacques Fresco, serves as the chief aide all through the film's account. With persuading and expressive understanding, Fresco contends for a reevaluation of what is conceivable in each of us, and by expansion, the world on the loose. In analyzing whether our practices are controlled by human instinct, or by engrossing the earth which encompasses us, the film offers pieces of information in the matter of how we can start to modify the truth of our planet from the beginning.

On the off chance that crushing self-uncertainty and lack of concern were the tenets which administered our species decades prior, would we have ever designed the innovation to wander into space? By applying the same force of positive focus to worldwide interests, we can enhance the perspective of our planet, even from the stars.

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