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I think Documentaries are the greatest way to educate an entire generation that doesn't often look back to learn any thing about the history that provided a  About Us safe haven for so many of us today : STEVEN SPIELBERG

Since August 2015, I have been curating some wonderful documentaries for educational purposes as well as personal happiness. I believe that documentaries are an effective and stimulating approach to learn. The primary objective of this site is to share information, spread thoughts, and have a ton of fun. I get myself completely devoted to finding for you the best free full-length documentaries from around the web that fit these benchmarks. The content here is created with an enthusiasm and the site is a significant asset for those with an interest in particular genres. is no doubt a simple one-man blog. However, right now there are two editors dealing with the community comment section as well as assisting me in writing the synopses for the documentaries.

As of now there are more than 70 documentaries published on (all of them are full length), organized in 11 different categories, searchable by keywords.

If you might like more information about my blog or you have something to say or ask please get in touch with me here.

I hope you enjoy