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Lets Conclude Latest Articles

Jeffrey A. Broten

March 26, 2023 276 0 Background Of Jeffrey A. Broten (CRD No. 1006678) Broten first became registered with FINRA in 1981. Broten was registered as a GeneralSecurities Representative through an association with First Standard Financial CompanyLLC (CRD No. 168340) from ...

Sonia Maria Fernandez

March 26, 2023 304 0 Background Of Sonia Maria Fernandez (CRD No. 4130144 ) Fernandez joined the securities industry in 2000. After associations with four FINRAmembers, Fernandez became associated with UBS Financial Services Inc. in February2012 as a General Securities Representative. ...

Pratul V. Agnihotri

March 26, 2023 294 0 Background Of Pratul V. Agnihotri(CRD No. 4031797) Agnihotri first became registered with FINRA in October 1999 as a General SecuritiesRepresentative (GS) through an association with a former FINRA member firm. FromFebruary 2010 through October 2017, ...

Marcus A. Beasley

March 26, 2023 323 0 Background Of Marcus A. Beasley (CRD No. 3157595) Beasley entered the securities industry in 1999 and has been registered as an InvestmentCompany and Variable Contracts Products Representative (IR), with the followingFINRA members: AIG Retirement Advisors, ...

Paul F. Seymour

March 26, 2023 312 0 Paul F. Seymour Review Summary If you are in the market for a good financial advisor or firm, then avoid Paul F. Seymour at all costs. Previous clients have reported and complained about serious financial ...

Montrose Securities International

March 26, 2023 287 0 Background Of Montrose Securities International (CRD No. 35603) Montrose Securities International has been a FINRA member since April 1994. The firmemploys two registered representatives/general securities principals, including Leung,and maintains its office in Sausalito, California. Montrose ...

Kevin Barletta

March 26, 2023 376 1 Background Of Kevin Barletta (CRD No. 4691033) Kevin Barletta first registered with FINRA as a general securities representative (GSR) inDecember 2003. In October 2015, he registered with FINRA as a GSR through anassociation with LPL ...