Community Guidelines

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We have general rules for commenting. If you don't mind read and comprehend the accompanying rules before you post a comment.

In the event that your comments reliably or purposefully make this group a less considerate and charming spot to be, you and your remarks will be prohibited from it.

We advance an open, straightforward and common environment for comments and users. Critical, in-depth and intelligent discussions and level headed discussions are supported. Everybody is welcome and urged to voice their conclusion paying little mind to personality, politics, philosophy, religion or concurrence with other group individuals, the point of the narrative or staff individuals as long as those feelings are conscious and usefully add to the discussion.

In any case, this community does not endure immediate or circuitous assaults, verbally abusing or affronts, nor does it endure deliberate endeavors to wreck, seize, troll or lure others into a passionate reaction. These sorts of comments will be expelled from the community where justified. People who reliably or purposefully post these sorts of comments will be cautioned and, if important, rejected from the community.

Our community is a safe space.

We unequivocally trust that ought to be a sheltered space for people, bunches and their thoughts. In that capacity, brutal and unfriendly dialect or calls for viciousness and threatening vibe are not welcome here. On the off chance that you straightforwardly or in a roundabout way undermine the physical or mental prosperity of an individual from this group, or an individual or gathering who is the subject of an article, you will be evacuated quickly.

Individual identifiable data ought to never be presented on comments section. It never turns out well for anybody. On the off chance that you see any dangers, provocation or individual data trolling, please report it immediately.

1 -  Why isn't my comment appearing?

To keep up a civil atmosphere, the moderation team may read comments before they are displayed to other users. If so, you might see your comment pending approval. Approval times can vary depending upon the expansive comment load, so please make a special effort to be persistent - we will get to all comments as fast as could be allowed.

No doubt this is on the grounds that you have utilized a word or expression that is labeled for moderation. In the event that you utilize such an expression (normally offending words like fuck, idiot, shit, asshole, crap, and so forth.), your comment will go into a moderation queue for approval. Moreover, in the event that you cite a URL (web address) in your comment, it will likewise go into the moderation queue. This doesn't mean your comment won't appear (unless it's excessively inconsiderate or spam) – it just implies that we have to affirm it first.

Each individual from this community has the force and obligation to raise the level of discussion and evacuate the trolls who might debase it. Taking these straightforward activities conveys awesome substance to the top and evacuates awful substance rapidly.

2 - To what extent can a comment be?

We don't have a limit on the extent of the comments; however do whatever it takes not to post substantial pieces of non-paragraphed content. Typically your point can be made in only a couple sentences. In the event that a remark is longer than that, it's imaginable that a great many people won't try to peruse it by any means.

3 - How would I post a link?

I'm sad yet as of right now posting links in the comment section is not permitted. Comments should be well-thoroughly considered reviews and contentions about the documentaries, not warmed verbal confrontations overflowing with links.

4 - Can I use a signature?

No. Try not to put signatures toward the end of your comments – we can see from the comment what your username is and we don't permit readers to use the comments for advertising.

5 - Can I bear on individual chats in the comments?

No – this turns out to be extremely tedious for other readers. Please remain focused on the topic.

6 - Do I need to write in English? 

Yes. You completely should write in English. We will delete non-English comments when we see them. The same goes for "text-message" speech – we want everyone to comprehend the comments.

7 - How do I write a decent comment?  

You compose a decent comment by not offending others, by not using CAPS LOCK, by not using repetitive punctuation, and by adhering to the argument if you don't concur with somebody. Keep in mind, the moment you affront a person in a debate, you lose.

8 - Could I preach in my comments?  

No. This blog is not your own platform. You can cite Scriptures, and so on in your comments if they are apropos to the narrative (DO NOT EXAGGERATE) – however you totally may not use the site as a source for conversions.

9 - Can I talk about different topics in comments?  

No – you should adhere to the topic – when comments go so far away the point they make people to lose interest and they don't add anything to the narrative. Of essential significance is the way that the comments are intended to improve readers time on the site – not make them bored with idle chit-chat.

10 - Can I use different nicknames?   

No kindly don't. Speak to yourself with one name and don't cheat the readers by commenting with a few names. On the off chance that we discover any of those we'll delete the comments or we'll associate them with one name.

Each individual's opinion is significant and unique. Putting on a show to be another person expels that interesting worth from you or from others. Try not to distort yourself or others. On the off chance that you do, you will make the community a less pleasant and significant spot to be and will be evacuated when we see it.

11 - I need to uproot/delete all of my comments I made so far?   

I'm sad yet that isn't possible. We can't remove several comments from the site, since all the connection and the significance of the past discussions will be lost. What you can do for this situation is anonymize your comments. That way your comments won't be connected with your name any longer.

Thanks for adhering to these rules – they make the site a great deal more agreeable for all!