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Doradus Crypto Review- The DORA Token Ponzi Scheme & Scam

Doradus Crypto Review- The DORA Token Ponzi Scheme & Scam
Buyer Beware

Doradus Crypto is a recent Ponzi scheme aiming to scam crypto and NFT enthusiasts. The company has a conventional pyramid structure which you’ll find in almost all MLM scams.

The following Doradus Crypto review will help you understand why you should avoid investing in this scam:

doradus crypto website

What is Doradus Crypto?


The astronomical-themed virtual P2E platform Doradus offers returns on investment through taking part in games and other activities. It was established in December 2022 and was constituted as a limited company under the Companies Law in Hong Kong.

With boasts of making unbelievable daily returns in their app just by playing games, Doradus has recently grown in popularity.

Providing financial support to space industry enterprises, from aspirational tiny businesses to well-known worldwide market giants, is the company’s philosophy, according to Doradus io. Its founder is anonymous and located at 18 Whitfield Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

With the help of the Dora token currency, introduced by Doradus crypto, players can buy everything they want in the game. One Dora is worth one dollar.

Also, according to a related web domain, doradus io has 170k hits every month, the majority coming from Tunisia (9%), Brazil (20%), and Russia (26%).

Doradus crypto
Doradus io is based in the offshore location of Hong Kong

One may pay to play a variety of HTML5 games on their website, and as they advance through the stages, their profits will grow as well. Also, the website provides service programmes that let consumers invest in their business and profit from it.

doradus io

Doradus Crypto is a Ponzi Scheme Using DORA tokens

What is a Ponzi scheme?

doradus crypto

A Ponzi scheme is a type of investment fraud in which existing investors are paid with funds collected from new investors. Organizers of Ponzi schemes frequently promise to invest your money and generate high returns with little or no risk. However, the fraudsters in many Ponzi schemes do not invest the money. 

About the Dora Ponzi scheme

dora token crypto

On its website, Doradus crypto omits to list ownership or executive details. On November 4th, 2022, Doradus’ website domain (“”) was privately registered. The “official launch” date listed on the Doradus io website is December 5, 2022.

“” use DORA token for a Ponzi scheme and is very likely just a SCAM based in Russia.

Doradus crypto offers shell incorporation certificates for the UK and Hong Kong on its website in an effort to appear official. These certificates are useless for MLM due diligence because it is simple for con artists to incorporate shell businesses with false information.

A 30 million euro insurance certificate, allegedly from Aviva, is also provided by Doradus.

doradus io

Again for the purpose of MLM due diligence, whether legitimate or not, such documents are meaningless. On December 27th, 2022, the Central Bank of Russia issued a Doradus pyramid scheme fraud warning.This, coupled with SimilarWeb tracking Russia as the top source of the traffic to their website, strongly suggests Russians are running Doradus crypto.

The Shady Doradus Crypto Joining Process

VknhAbu4idvzuyMMNany81fw5GPRhj63sJPVEvyzFpYhJd hVrx67QeLwg9X4NfyhWBQhzSNYgmOwuKCl1KGJbC4e2n2qFwErxnS1Pd5QoPgNDiaMsA yb9MKeY8KpWr eOFNmEM1iiLNYtRjWcAqw
  • The first step in joining is to go to, which is their website.
  • After the interface has opened, click “Register” and fill out the form with your contact details, such as your phone number and email address.
  • The following step is to choose a service program that costs between $1 and $30000 from their website. There are 4 service programs available right now.
  • One can deposit money using a virtual token currency address that they already have or a Visa card if they don’t.

Doradus Crypto Products

doradus crypto
Notice the exaggerated claims made by the Doradus crypto team
doradus crypto

Doradus offers you to invest in one of the four service plans they have created. Every plan includes daily dividend accrual starting at 1.8% with various terms for the investment period. The names of those 4 service programs are:

  • Dors
  • Ogma
  • Regor
  • Apolion

One must now add moons to their planets and instead upgrade levels further in order to protect themselves from meteorites, which will further be helpful for one to improve their daily profits. Those planets will provide one with substantial returns on a regular basis.

Doradus Crypto’s MLM Structure:

Affiliates of Doradus crypto invest in DORA tokens using USD equivalents. On the promise of advertised returns, this is done:

  1. Daily Returns
doradus crypto
The MLM structure of Doradus crypto
  1. Affiliate Program- The Doradus affiliate program pays referral commissions down to a depth of eight levels. The commissions at various levels are shown in the table below.
iYCQUlUNBjWGXhwyNLK2UfiI09Ksbc6nB4s1jLAlaKLrMLkTpFDSZctoJUUq9O 8axz1jxvppTqA Cdv1kzprQkkG7TykFb3ZllRY9yWJBqje2N cBn09fNB8Go7wB47mgHo9Ajt
  1. Dora game- While playing with fiat money in the Dora game, the app will exchange it for Dora tokens, which one can use to purchase planets and also modify them. Purchasing planets and their moons through Dora results in daily returns on investment that are very high. One will also get collectible NFTs through the game because buying planets in-game gives players benefits. To receive them, though, one must be an active player or an investor.
  2. Random Giveaway- Daily activation of accounts with the Doradus status is done at random for 30 platform users with active deposits. This status raises the profit for the subsequent accrual once, or by 0.2%.
  3. Bonus for Social Networks- To earn rewards, one must finish quick and simple actions like reposting, subscribing to the channel, and submitting a video. Once they have completed the work and analyzed it, send them the results to trigger the bonus and earn rewards.

The Doradus MLM division provides commissions for bringing in affiliate investors. Doradus crypto uses a uni-level compensation scheme to pay referral commissions. An affiliate is put at the head of a uni-level team in a uni-level pay system, and each affiliate they personally recruited is positioned immediately under them (level 1)

If any level 1 affiliate recruits new affiliates, they are placed on level 2 of the original affiliate’s uni-level team.

If any level 2 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are placed on level 3, and so on and so forth down a theoretically infinite number of levels.

Doradus io caps payable uni-level team levels at eight.

Referral commissions are paid as a percentage of funds invested across these eight levels based on rank:

  • Dors tier affiliates earn 1% on level 1 (personally recruited affiliates), 0.2% on level 2, 0.15% on level 3, and 0.1% on level 4
  • Ogma tier affiliates earn 2.5% on level 1, 0.5% on level 2, 0.2% on level 3, 0.15% on level 4, 0.1% on level 5, and 0.05% on level 6
  • Regor tier affiliates earn 5% on level 1, 0.7% on level 2, 0.5% on level 3, 0.2% on level 4, 0.15% on level 5, 0.1% on level 6, 0.05% on level 7 and 0.01% on level 8
  • Apollion tier affiliates earn 8.8% on level 1, 1% on level 2, 0.7% on level 3, 0.5% on level 4, 0.2% on level 5, 0.15% on level 6, 0.1% on level 7 and 0.05% on level 8

Doradus Crypto Reviews Expose Its True Intentions:

Doradus io seems an attractive MLM-crypto investment opportunity and their website interface is also appealing. But their a few major red flags with this investment opportunity which are:

Hidden Founders-  Founders operate anonymously, the address they provided is not legit and they have no presence on social media.

Unrealistic Return claims– Doradus is bluffing people with the unrealistic promised daily return of 6% in the investment plans. 

Withdrawal problems- Many people invested money out of greed hoping to receive assured profits, but they were unable to recover it.

Not Regulated- Doradus crypto is not registered as a legal entity. They offer no customer support and operated through just a website.

Some of the glimpses of the Doradus reviews:

sDETmJOA K246wZeGalCzosIWhJ7HDJBOrpLOmC0w QNkTLrqoLzoNPfLk3U8OW 0j3eO9SZHJOEiAQDj5bwATIf4mPisAV4RgwZ3xxIxnxWWjUkoM DNqWDJdhBbFw a 9sUwmvzcztN5M5e Sm1s4
xzF948uevP0AJcnN2D43RuQhd22aetFCV 3EHea G6xZEOxiS57bSIqk NF0VU70J 9BW1w9gLmdLdifivp5zi26mYitcvsLIpGBL1DXa6qqOUEjHzCSCIizCUZ1FEyGEf h3p6E 7OdoG8AXYPMKA4

Doradus Crypto Review Conclusion-


Doradus is a money-circulation scam. Unrealistic returns claims, withdrawal issues, not regulated and hidden operators are major red flags to avoid this MLM scam. Doradus is a straightforward Ponzi scam that utilizes DORA tokens. The virtual currency DORA, which is linked to the value of the USD, is used in all settlements on the Doradus crypto platform. The DORA coin Dora Factory already exists, but it is not tied to the USD. According to this, Doradus crypto may have developed its own DORA shitcoin.

In any case, new investment is the only source of provable income entering Doradus. It is a Ponzi scam since it uses fresh investments to provide affiliates with daily rewards.

Like with all MLM Ponzi scams, the fresh investment will cease as soon as affiliate recruiting does. This will starve Doradus of ROI revenue, eventually prompting a collapse.

The math behind Ponzi schemes guarantees that when they collapse, the majority of participants lose money. Starting on around February 12th, Doradus investors began reporting withdrawal issues. This suggests Doradus has collapsed or is on the verge of collapse.

Total Doradus crypto victim numbers and how much they’ve collectively lost remain unknown. What is known is according to SimilarWeb traffic analysis as of January 2023, that the majority of Doradus affiliates were from Russia (36% of traffic), Ukraine (8% of traffic), Kazakhstan (7% of traffic), and Tunisia (5% of traffic).



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