The Grind

Published on March 31, 2015 by The MOTHERBOARD on YouTube. Watch the Documentary


"We have an outside slaughterhouse," a voice illuminates us in the opening snippets of the new narrative The Grind. In the Faroe Islands, which lie in the North Atlantic in the middle of Iceland and Norway, the great blue seas regularly turn ruby with tides of blood. With little farming and natural life available to them, the Faroe Islands have since quite a while ago looked to the ocean for their fundamental wellspring of support and trade. This results in the widespread slaughter of whales and other ocean life in a practice known as "the grind." While the grind has been a convention on the islands for almost a thousand years, it has as of late impelled the wrath of every living creature's common sense entitlement activists everywhere throughout the world, who look upon the homicide of these excellent animals with awesome hate and challenge.

One such activist is Lamya Essemlali, who serves as president of Sea Shepherd France, an association that watches the waters in the region with an end goal to shield whales from such misuse. Joined by several extra volunteers from everywhere throughout the world, they shaped a campaign called Operation Grind Stop.  "What's going on here is something that is anything but difficult to stop on the off chance that we have the will," Lamya says. In any case, revitalizing that resolve among local people turns out to be a great challenge. Most are passionately restricted to what they see as the gathering's unwelcomed attack upon their lifestyle and method for survival. "You are not activists, you are terrorists!" cries one nonconformist amid a town corridor meeting.

While The Grind makes the ruthlessness of whaling jarringly clear from reels of footage going back numerous decades, the film likewise offers the restricting perspective from the Faroese individuals themselves. "Drudgery is a part of a much greater picture," says Kjartan Hoydal, a marine environmentalist and local islander. "We just have the ocean to rely on upon and we can't acknowledge that the world goes in a bearing that we can't utilize those assets."

The Grind is an attentively collected examination of the fight between what some perspective as a vital lifestyle, and the interest by others to advance natural and others conscious obligations.

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