Arctic Manhunt

Published on Aug 3, 2015 by The NASA TV on YouTube. Watch the Documentary


Arctic Manhunt is a dramatic forensic narrative that endeavors to distinguish the puzzle man at the focal point of one of the greatest manhunts in Canadian history. Equal parts criminological exam footage and inventive re-authorizations, this scene of Pure History Specials offers an adapted, ill humored examination concerning one of Canada's most noteworthy unsolved puzzles.

On Christmas Day, 1931, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, with the help of native trackers, drew nearer a provincial lodge close to the Arctic Circle. They arrived to scrutinize an obscure trapper about vandalized trap lines yet were met with open flame rather than answers. Throughout the following 49 days one of the biggest criminal pursuits in Canadian history resulted, taking the RCMP over the Arctic Circle where they needed to bear cruel climate conditions on top of firefights with the strange outlaw they were seeking after. Finishing with the trapper's suicide, police discovered $2,400 in real money on his body yet nothing to distinguish him or demonstrate why he was on the run.

Some guess he was a Chicago criminal associated with Al Capone while others think he might have been a killer in charge of a string of unsolved murders over the Great White North. Others have set that he was only a down-on-his-luck farmer from North Dakota. Notwithstanding photos and fingerprints, police officers crosswise over North America neglected to recognize the puzzle man on numerous occasions. Right around 80 years after the fact, legal specialists uncover the remaining parts of the outlaw to attempt and decide his personality for the last time.

Through skeletal remains and facial remaking innovation, forensic researchers sort out an account of the RCMP's quest for the secret man through the Canadian wilds, yet their just any desire for finding a positive ID rests in getting a reliable sample of DNA from the outlaw's remaining parts. Criminal profilers offer extra knowledge with an end goal to fill in the points of interest of who this outlaw was, and what he was running from.

Arctic Manhunt weaves through time, taking viewers to the past where they envision the occasions of the manhunt and into the forensic labs of today where researchers work to close the book on this decades-old cold case.


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