Bermuda Triangle

Published on July 16, 2014 by The NAKED SCIENCE on YouTube. Watch the Documentary


The Bermuda Triangle, otherwise called the Devil's Triangle, is a locale in the western piece of the North Atlantic Ocean in which various air ship and surface vessels are claimed to have vanished in puzzling circumstances which fall past the limits of human blunder, robbery, gear disappointment, or regular fiascoes. Mainstream culture has ascribed some of these vanishings to the paranormal, a suspension of the laws of material science, or movement by extraterrestrial creatures.

A significant group of documentation demonstrates various episodes to have been incorrectly reported or decorated by later creators, and various authority organizations have expressed that the number and nature of vanishings is like any other region of sea.

To start with some portion of the video discusses Flight 19, the American air ship that disappeared in the wake of flying over the Bermuda triangle. This was only marginally after the end of World War II. Couple of different cases was likewise talked about. Utilizing the most recent innovation, these specialists will go down into the Bermuda triangle to film and explore.

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