The Friendship Case

Published on May 8, 2013 by The DISCLOSURE MOVIE NETWORK on YouTube. Watch the Documentary


Daily papers discussed it, individuals needed to know, yet no one could enter the riddle. What was going on? Bizarre flying machines were playing the skies of Italy. It was the fifties. A few individuals took amazing photographs, others were alarmed and yelled "They're here, they're among us," while still others trusted that outsiders came to offer assistance. Be that as it may, who were they; where were they from, or more all what did they need?

Up to this point, the wonder of contactism, or the intentional experience, rehashed after some time, in the middle of man and advanced extraterrestrial elements, was accepted to include just a few chosen individuals, or contactees.

Many of them stood out forever. George Adamski, Howard Menger, Eugenio Siragusa, just to give some examples, every one of them reliably complied with this banality. However, in 2007, something happened that would change the cards on the table. Stefano Breccia, and specialist from Marche, living in Abruzzo, distributed some startling papers that appeared to uncover the tale of rehashed direct experiences between more than 100 individuals, and extraterrestrial creatures living in various mystery bases on our planet.

The principle figure of the occasion told by Breccia is the author Bruno Sammaciccia. The case is said to have occurred for the most part in and around Pescara. It would all start in 1956, and would keep going for a long time. The film clasps and photos that have risen so far are of significant interest. But, considerably more phenomenal are the affirmations of the people involved. Everybody called their story "fellowship." And that is the name that has come down to us today. Because of Stefano Breccia's mettle, a standout amongst the most amazing adventures in Ufology has become visible. It wasn't a simple choice to choose to make it known.

It began from a thought from Bruno Sammaciccia. He'd been considering recording his encounters, and after that requested that Breccia be the one to do it. Thus he was at his home for a month to record his stories. At that point he set up everything together. Other than giving his dear companion's wishes, Breccia had set himself another goal. One reason is, he trusted that it may function as goad to empower other individuals in the group to approach.

Gaspare De Lama and his wife Mirella are among those still alive today who were included in the "kinship" occasion, and who acknowledged Breccia's welcome to approach. They now live on the shores of Lake Como. Gaspare appreciated Stefano's bravery to uncover himself so specifically, in spite of being an understood figure in science and the educated community. Gaspare De Lama turned into an enthusiast of Ufology in the late 40s and, together with his wife, looked for a way to more noteworthy mindfulness. Indeed, even Gaspare's mom joined in the occasions.

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