Cobra Gypsies

Published on February 28, 2015 by Raphael Treza on YouTube. Watch the Documentary


Movie producer Raphael Treza headed out to northern India and lived among an antiquated tribe known as the Kalbeliya for three months. Cobra Gypsies is the energetic and illuminating report of that excursion. The Kalbeliyas are exceedingly lively individuals; elated in their festival of life and bright custom. Albeit a large portion of them have at no other time met an outsider before Treza's landing in their camps, the tribes-individuals appear to be unguarded in their enthusiasms to share their way of life.

The tribe is appeared in solace with the oftentimes inhospitable environment which encompasses them. Amidst honey bee swarms and venomous reptiles, they look for a standout amongst the most predominant symbols of their tribe - the cobra. In one especially illuminating portion of the film, Treza is tackled a trip to chase the cobras, which are boundless occupants of the area. Once the cobras are gotten, they are to a great extent exhausted of their dangerous venom. Some of the time they are set on open presentation for cash. Gypsies also figure out how to handle the reptiles from an early age, and fuse them into their formal dances.

Music assumes an indispensable part in characterizing the way of life of the Kalbeliyas also. Treza's camera catches the festivities at a yearly two-day music celebration, amid which many families praise the name of Krishna through uninhibited move from dusk to dawn. Clear and throbbing beats pervade the whole of the film, and portray the flourishing soul of the group it reports. The camps are scored by the light hints of never-ending melody.

Marriages are organized from an early age, and the couple remains fortified until death. We watch the formal excellence of a Kalbeliyas wedding, where the man of the hour is secured in the eye-popping essential shades of plants and flavors, visitors plummet upon the spouse's home led by a mobile disc jockey, and dancing continues well into the night.

Cobra Gypsies permits viewers a chance to witness practices and traditions that have at no other time been caught on camera. The movie producer's perspective is subtle, and we profit by the feeling of having lived in the vicinity of the Kalbeliyas for a brief, however superb time frame.

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