Failure to Obey

Published on January 6, 2015 by The SANDERSON1611 on YouTube. Watch the Documentary


Dubious regulations are right now debilitating the sacredness of the Fourth Amendment around America's outskirts, and the vast majority of the country's citizens stay negligent of the emergency. The searing narrative Failure to Obey tries to correct this through a first-hand account of these treacheries.

About 200 million United States subjects are at present dwelling in areas known as constitutional free zones. These zones incorporate all domains inside of 100 mile span of the nation's outskirts. Occupants and guests to these ranges are liable to the investigation of arbitrary checkpoints, where the insurances against preposterous inquiry and seizure are regularly tremulous, best case scenario.

The director of the documentary, Pastor Steven L. Anderson, was halted at one of these checkpoints in Arizona. When he declined to open his trunk to checkpoint officers, he was mercilessly tortured and stuck to the ground, bringing about wounds to his brow that required eleven stitches to repair. He was later captured for failure to obey. Having recorded the greater part of the occurrence from a camera he kept in his auto, Anderson posted the footage on the web. Before long, his story went viral and national news offices paid heed.

Is the presence of these checkpoints and the conventions taken after by their attendees, constitutionally protected? On the other hand is this an illustration of unlawful enforcement and outrageous lack of respect for the privileges of United States nationals?

"We are losing our opportunities in America," Anderson lectures his congregation in the film, "in the event that they can take away the Fourth Amendment and hunt you without a warrant."

Anderson's conflict, as he contends in court, is that he has every right as a U.S. citizen to deny consistence with the border patrol's orders for what he sees as an unlawful and warrant-less hunt of his vehicle. His position is made considerably more convincing by the footage he catches of ensuing stops he persists at fringe checkpoints, which he should cross all the time because of work requests. The fight in court that results taking after Anderson's capture gives further alarming confirmation as to the sketchy lawfulness of these regulations.

Failure to Obey confines its center to the account of one man, however his problem conveys suggestions for which all U.S. residents could fall casualty.

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