Hallucinogen Honey Hunters

Published on Sep 29, 2013 by Raphael Treza on YouTube. Watch the Documentary


In Nepal, a detached tribe known as the Gurung go on the chase for unique nectar roosted high upon a progression of precipices. The nectar is known for its stimulating strength, and is regularly taken for recreational use or restorative purposes by the villagers. Drug Honey Hunters takes viewers on a once in a while witnessed trip to this area, and watches the way of life encompassing this supernatural nectar.

Known as "frantic nectar", the stimulating substance is delivered by the biggest wild honey bees on the planet measuring up to 3 cm long. So as to get the nectar, the villagers must overcome steep ascensions up slippery precipices and the wrath of swarming honey bees. Their chase starts at the break of morning. A little gathering of male villagers are demonstrated filling their rucksacks with key supplies, and trekking off to the foot of the closest bluff. They mold a temporary stepping stool out of bamboo, and start their ascension. The procedure is completed with awesome care and veneration, and serves as the extensive and innovative prelude to a possibly perilous experience with a large number of enraged honey bees.

Psychedelic drug Honey Hunters takes viewers by venture through this procedure, and welcomes us to wonder about the intrepid duty of every seeker. By joining in this yearly custom, they are following in the strides of a few eras which preceded them.

What is it about the nectar that so characterizes the way of life and personality of the Gurung? In its littlest measurements, the nectar can guarantee a relieving feeling of intoxication much like the experience created from a substance, for example, absinthe. A few villagers ingest nectar’s teaspoon every morning, as they trust it reinforces the resistant framework and can prompt a more extended and more productive life. In bigger amounts, it can incite heart failure, full-scale visualizations or a time frame when the body appears to experience a cleanse and resurrection.

With Hallucinogen Honey Hunters, productive narrative movie producer and world voyager Raphael Treza by and by spots us inside the intriguing society of a to a great extent imperceptibly individuals, and his undeterred camera welcomes us to watch with equivalent amounts of apprehension and interest.

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