The Biggest Prison System in History

Published on September 18, 2015 by The TELESUR ENGLISH on YouTube. Watch the Documentary


How could it have been able to be that America's jail populace is the biggest in the civilized world, and what hope is there of changing the course of this alarming pattern? The suitably titled new narrative The Biggest Prison System in History, delivered as a component of the provocative The Empire Files series, looks at the birthplaces of this scourge and intensely focuses fingers at the organizations and force agents who benefit from the imprisonment of more than two million American natives.

"The U.S. has just five percent of the world's populace," recounts the film's correspondent Abby Martin, "yet a staggering a quarter century of its detainees." With a hefty portion of America's penitentiaries extended thin and attempting to work a long ways past limit, the scourge of mass imprisonment moves a progression of offensive human rights infringement and belittles the nation's ethical remaining in whatever is left of the world.

The misuse endured by casualties of the United States jail framework are horde, however the inspirations driving these barbarities can for the most part be whittled down to one key component: cash. Indeed, even the telephones accommodated detainees are devices for creating disgusting measures of benefit. According to data introduced in the film, America's detainment facilities are currently to a great extent outfitted with pay telephones that charge for each minute of use. The telephone scope supplier kicks back an incredible 42% of its income to the states, which surpasses a stunning $150 million dollars every year. Organizations work together with the prison system, utilizing detainees for off camera creation occupations for pennies on the dollar. Jail contracts are granted to the most minimal conceivable bidders, a wonder which extremely bargains the nature of everything from sustenance to drugs to medicinal services.

The Biggest Prison System in History likewise investigates the parts that neediness and race play in keeping up our status as the world's biggest detainee populace, the framework's inadequacies in tending to the rationally sick and inability to satisfactorily put resources into beneficial rehabilitation services. This hard-hitting and unfazed film gives profitable bits of knowledge into a framework that works to a great extent in shadow from most Americans, and focuses to an assortment of social and societal ills that add to its continued predominance.

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  1. Lee Chan

    Wow…. The biggest prison in world history…. I didn’t know it would be in America. Amazed to know that.

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