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Steve Ramos Sydney Australia – Cheater Exposed

Steve Ramos Sydney Australia – Cheater Exposed

This sorry excuse for a human being was discovered to be cheating on his pregnant spouse when she was in the process of having a miscarriage. He puts on the appearance of being a kind person, but in fact he would never think twice about behaving in such a manner with a woman, and he has no empathy for her. His text messages to her included the phrases “depressive sad bitch” (sent to her because he couldn’t handle that she was grieving during the miscarriage and he couldn’t care less about losing a child just like how he felt nothing when his own father died) and “you just got played” were discovered, and he was outed for his infidelity, allowing the world to see the real Steve Ramos.

The lowlife then exacted his revenge by putting her images online and making her address publically available. This manchild made the decision to cheat on his girlfriend during one of the most difficult times a woman can go through. When his lying and cheating methods were discovered, he became furious, showed his lack of respect for her, revealed his nasty side, and publicized her home address online. And as if going through a miscarriage with a cheating, the inconsiderate partner wasn’t enough to deal with, Steve Ramos decided to add more salt to the wound by making another fake Instagram account and posting up her photos, home address, and a photo of a book titled “Strong women strong babies, pregnancy diaries” with the caption “Only the strong.” This was a disgusting reference to the fact that she had gone through a miscarriage. This genuine gentleman is, in point of fact, a POS!



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