Cybertopia : Dreams of Silicon Valley

Published on October 9, 2015 by The NETWORK AHOY on YouTube. An exploration of the Cold War's effect on video games. Watch the Documentary


Silicon Valley, California. This is the place the planet's most ground breaking dream traders join to envision and make another digitized reality that can rise above legislative issues, war and different ills that torment the development and strength of our general public. Cybertopia: Dreams of Silicon Valley takes us to the epicenter of this technological revolution, and acquaints us with the figures who would like to reshape a daring new world through the power of their vision.

"The internet is the greatest free market experiment that includes politics, information and trade," observes entrepreneur Kevin O'Connor. Helped by a group of splendid, youthful creative’s, O'Connor has set up an online asset that permits clients to analyze administrations and organizations all through the world, including those identified with different legislative offices. By offering a stage of unprecedented transparency, O'Connor and his group would like to make a more educated and enabled open, more prominent investigation of unscrupulous practices crosswise over commercial enterprises, and a more grounded free enterprise framework where the cream genuinely rises to the top.

The counter cultural developments from decades past used to depend on peaceful protests and messages of general adoration to move change on the planet and its overseeing bodies. Today, a form of that culture still exists. Just the challenges and peace signs have been supplanted by product improvement and programming code.

Silicon Valley is ground zero for this belief. "It's truly simply that inclination to make that suffuses the Valley," says David E. Weekly, a product manager at Google. Infrequently, the aftereffects of that inventiveness and fresh thinking can reshape our lifestyle, as proven by the examples of overcoming adversity drove by pioneers like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Elon Musk. In the event that one thing drives their rationality, and the character of Silicon Valley itself, it's in the grasp of beforehand unfathomable plausibility.

A definitive end amusement for the leaders of this development is nothing not exactly the making of a perfect world, where the situations consigned to virtual reality stages discover fragile living creature and blood expression in this present reality. Most intriguingly, Cybertopia: Dreams of Silicon Valley teases us with the idea of such a world where nationals can enjoy interplanetary travel, and rethink the part of government here at home by making regions where they can pick the representation that works best for them.

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