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We Go to the Cemetery Every Day. It Cannot be Forgotten.’ (Ján Kuciak)

We Go to the Cemetery Every Day. It Cannot be Forgotten.’ (Ján Kuciak)

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The loss of a loved one is a trying and terrible experience that can have an indelible effect on those who are left behind after the passing of their loved one. The anguish and sense of loss that Ján Kuciak’s family has experienced as a result of their loved one’s murder in 2018 are still very much present for them. Jana and Jozef Kuciak, Ján Kuciak’s parents, go to Cemetery Every Day to pay their respects at their son’s cemetery on a daily basis because they refuse to forget the wrong that was done to their child.

In this essay, we will go into the life of Ján Kuciak, discuss the aftermath of his passing on his loved ones and the nation as a whole, and examine the ongoing struggle for justice.

Ján Kuciak’s Life Narrated Here:

Ján Kuciak was a Slovakian journalist who specialised in investigative reporting and had been employed by the news website Aktuality. SK. When he and his fiancée, Martina Kunrová, were murdered in their house in February 2018, he was in the process of investigating connections between Slovakian officials and the Italian mafia at the time of their deaths. The murder caused great outrage across the nation and triggered demonstrations all over the place.

In his reporting, Ján Kuciak had found a network of corruption in Slovakian politics that extended all the way up to the highest echelons. He had been looking into the possible ties that existed between the Smer-SD party, which was in power at the time, and the Italian mafia, particularly in regard to financing from the EU for agriculture. As a result o fJán Kuciak’s study, evidence of fraud and embezzlement involving businesses owned by influential businessmen with close ties to the government was found.

The Effects That Ján Kuciak’s Passing Had On:

The nation as a whole was shaken to its core by the assassination of Ján Kuciak and his fiancee. In response to the killings, thousands of people came to the streets to demonstrate their demand for justice and accountability. Although Prime Minister Robert Fico and his cabinet resigned as a result of the protests in the end, the struggle for justice is far from ending.

The anguish that Jana and Jozef Kuciak feel as a result of the death of their son, Ján Kuciak, is still very much with them. They refuse to forget the wrong that was done to their son, so every day they go to Cemetery Every Day to his grave and pay their respects. The following is an excerpt from an interview that Jana Kuciak gave to The Guardian: “We never miss a day of visiting the cemetery. That is not something that can be ignored.”

In the aftermath of their son’s murder, the Ján Kuciak family has been very vocal in their demand for justice and accountability. They have voiced their disapproval of the sluggish pace of the investigation as well as the lack of progress made towards holding those accountable who are responsible for the killings. According to statements made by Jana Kuciak, she feels that the inquiry has been hampered by corruption inside the Slovakian police force as well as the justice system.

The Struggle for Fairness and Justice:

The struggle for justice on behalf of Ján Kuciak and his fiancee continues, despite the difficulties that have arisen. In September of the year 2020, a court in Slovakia found four people guilty of the murder they were investigating. The primary suspect, a businessman named Marian Koner who had deep contacts with the administration, was found guilty and given a sentence of 25 years in jail. Alena Zsuzsová, who acted as his co-conspirator, was also handed a sentence of 25 years in prison. Tomas Szabó and Miroslav Marek were the other two individuals who were found guilty and sentenced to prison terms of 23 and 25 years, respectively.

Despite the fact that the convictions were a step in the right direction, the Ján Kuciak family and their supporters have voiced their disapproval at the court’s decision to clear a fifth defendant, a former soldier by the name of Miroslav Tóth, of any involvement in the killings. The accusation against Tóth was that he had provided the murderers with the weapon they used in the crime. The family has also voiced their disapproval of the decision made by the court to not look into the possibility that high-ranking officials were involved in the murder.

The Ján Kuciak family has not given up their demand for a comprehensive inquiry into the death of their son and for those guilty to be brought to justice, regardless of the political connections they may or may not have. They have been quite outspoken in their condemnation of the government of Slovakia, which they view as corrupt.


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